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During my career of 28 years, I spent 306 days overseas and traveled 494,472 miles - nearly 20 times around the world. My travels took me to six continents and afforded me unimaginable photographic opportunities. My original portfolio contained images from 56 different countries - each with its own unique culture and personality.

Since my retirement, my travels have afforded me equally exciting photographic opportunities in the United States. I've now visited all 50 states, photographing a wide range of wildlife, interesting events and activities, must see places, and awe inspiring scenery. These photographs capture the intriguing and beautiful nature of our homeland.

My work was selected for inclusion in the World Factbook published by the Central Intelligence Agency. It also has been exhibited by the Agency's Fine Arts Committee and used for area familiarization of new ambassadors and other senior government officials. More recently, several of my photos were selected by Princes Cruises for permanent display on the Royal Princess and Regal Princess. My wildlife photography has been reviewed favorably by the Senior Editor of Popular Photography Magazine.

All of the high resolution images on this website are suitable for enlargement and framing. And all are available for immediate download free of charge - a small token of my appreciation for the good fortune I've experienced and my way of paying it forward!